September 20, 2012

Going Responsive

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At the same time as leaving Pirata after 3 years of service… I updated this site to be responsive.
It was a long time coming.
It’s not a finished piece. And I’ve deliberately set it up to be something I can tinker with.

So far…

Not a major style overhaul in any way. However under the bonnet it is now fully responsive. Adapting appropriately for desktop, mobile and tablet.

The challenge for a portfolio site that includes lots of different embedded media (flash, video, unity, images etc) was how to handle those media in the different formats. While videos and images are scalable, and usable in all sizes. Bespoke interactive media elements are awkward and in most of the cases – with my work – were designed for desktop… so offering them up on mobile or tablet would be silly as the interactivity is not fit for those devices… so I’ve got a nice CSS set-up that switches certain elements for alternative content like descriptions and images, depending on the screen size. Obvious stuff but makes the user journey feel a lot more considered.

It’s got a really flexible wordpress framework and back-end too which gives me the opportunity to inject unique code of any page. As well as as pick from a smorgasbord of layouts types that I’ve defined. Blah blah blah… very happy with where this is going right now.

This site is now flexible enough to be a playground of sorts for playing around with web technologies, and bespoke layouts when i can or need to.
So as well as playing with responsive techniques. I’m going to be playing around with CSS and javascript animation. Web typography and whatever else as time goes on.