September 21, 2014

Taking Cake…

Taking pictures of cakes. Well, photographer Lauren Mclean was taking pictures of cakes. As part of this shoot I was there for the technical part. Making sure shots we took of a quirky cake that was filled with smarties were on point to be spliced in with some realistic 3D and motion work.

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What was happening

Photographing in an rather un-food photo style way was the tactic… Removing all the food, well the sweets. Making sure we had the cake whole, the cake cut, with a slice removed… but then that slice back in the space it came from and removing the cake. Awkward for a cake with no middle and no support. But getting it right at this stage was essential due to the details. More than sure I was probably seen as troublesome, but I just want this kind of this 100% right before I get back to the studio – and Lauren did a great job. It came out great. And we put it together awesomely.


Interactive Direction / Design Lead – Jonny G
Photographer- Lauren Mclean
3D & animation magic – Jon F
Build – Simon B
Re-touching – Andy P
Design – Pete McD
Creatives – Sophie T, Jade S
CD – Janetta L
Producers – Sarah L (creative), Sophie R (digital)