How fast does my website load?

The free Website Speed Test opens a browser and loads all HTML, CSS, images, and scripts for a webpage. Unlike in other free website speed tools, you’re free to pick the browser of your choice. More importantly, we always spin up the latest version of these browsers. Choose from worldwide regions to test from your users’ locations. Select the size of the browser window we use for your test and view the resulting load times. Simulate various mobile device types. Activate Bandwidth Throttling to get a better idea of how your website is affected by less than ideal internet speeds. We’re talking 3G, 56k, 4/1 Mbit, and 8/1 Mbit speeds.

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Mobile-Friendly Test Tool

Having a mobile-friendly website is a critical part of your online presence. In many countries, smartphone traffic now exceeds desktop traffic. If you haven’t made your website mobile-friendly, you should. Search Console’s Mobile-Friendly Test Tool is a quick, easy way to test whether a page on your site is mobile-friendly.

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Free WebSite Audit

Site Audit will provide you with an overall health score of your website as well as a list of issues found with the given website. As a free user, your Site Audit is limited to only 100 crawled pages. This includes crawls of given a domain, subdomain or subfolder.


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