A little bit about me

Chief Design Officer at Bernadette

Tel: 07772 348 617

What i do is design. I design everything. Designing solutions, by design thinking, design doing. Making design systems, embracing design ops… designing projects teams and a department to make the best work for a client. Work that is good for their business, the brand, and for the channel is lives on. And is for-filling work for the people making it. 
Creativity by Design.
I don’t know any other way than digital. That is my traditional, and with that I know and embrace the progressive nature of our digital world – technology, and culture intertwine and how we are creators need to embrace it, respect it, and break it, and reimagine it and make things that become the new normal, the thing that was different at first.
The dry side to this I would say is – I’ve gained a varied skill-set combining problem solving, ideas, creative, design, motion and technical. This has given me a wealth of experience and a solid understanding of how people think and behave, interaction design and digital communication.
Now I focus on Digital Product and Service Design, creating unique experiences for brands and driving value for the business.  

A few things i now like to preach

My main experience and interests lie within motion, interactivity, and user experience. To compliment this I have a big interest in the application of new technologies, formats and techniques.
I am hugely passionate about what I do. And this passion comes with a desire for projects to be visually compelling and engaging for their audience.I’ve had the opportunity to work on and lead projects for some well known brands, across a range of formats including online advertising, micro-sites, virals, widgets, mobile, tablet and games. These have involved anything from video, animation, sound and data visualisation, to 3D, augmented reality, installations, and social media.
Clients have included O2, Compare the Market, Asda, J.K Rowling (Pottermore), Cadbury, Kraft, Sony, Sony Ericsson, Google, Sky News, Disney, Audi, BMW, Becks, Barclays, ITV, Mclaren and Kia.

A few of these projects I have worked on have won awards including a D&AD, FWA site of the day, Creative Review Best in Book, a Webby, and a One Show Interactive Gold Pencil.