International Sims

When motion patterns and symmetry meet with local style

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This was a lovely project to promote o2’s International Sim rates.
The base idea the creatives came up with involved the commissioning of an artist from each of the countries covered by the promotion and they create a beautiful static visual that felt traditional for that area. I think deep down the creatives hadn’t expected anything exciting being done with digital. But I pushed for us to be involved early and I created a moodreel of how I felt we could interpret these visuals in unique ways that had a consistent theme running through them that would bring the campaign to life in digital.

Online Advertising (Flash)

Mood Reel

My themes were symmetry, natural flow, and geometry. And everyone seemed happy.


I directed the motion graphics pieces for the online advertising and outdoor executions – being mindful and considerate to the different banner limitations.


Creative Director – Jim T
Creatives – John & Johnny
Design & Motion Direction – Jonny Goodall
Digital designers / animators – Mike P, Mik S, Nick F, Steve M

Still and Final Print