Your Last Supper

A social driven game of meal roulette every month

Imagine if you only had one last meal. What would it be? Would it be a dish conjured from childhood memories or a recipe from your favourite cookbook? The choice is yours. Why not tell us about it, and come to one of our supper clubs?

Working in collaboration with a top London chef, we select a menu from all the submissions creating a spectacular 3 course meal and cocktail for the evening. It’s top secret until you arrive though, think of it like a game of meal roulette!

All you need to do is submit your meal via the site

Check it out:


Concept  – Lauren Mclean
Supper Club Owners – Lauren Mclean & Lottie Covell
Chef – Jessie Dunford-Wood
Brand design, art direction, UX, site design & build, menu design – Jonny G
Photography – Lauren Mclean