Beauty is in the UI of the Beholder – Talk

The Future of UI - an overview about how we got to where we are, and what might be next

As part of our 2015 digi fete I took to the podium and presented an overview on Ui, where it came from and where it might go inspired by the past, popular culture and new products already become mainstream.
It was a talk so I’m not going to author an article… but all I’ll say is there’s some interesting things out there already that suggest how UI could go. And if we embrace reduction in GUI and take NUI to its extreme… Voice and contextual Automation based on pre-defined data, but also machine learning means AI will be king over UI for our day to day lives. Just saying

Here’s some of the slides (in order) to give you a teaser.


FutureofUI_2.005 FutureofUI_2.006 FutureofUI_2.008 FutureofUI_2.011


Halo Lens

Jaguar car AR widescreens

Crazy real pixels…

Kids guide to the internet – Eeeek.

Clear NUI

Google App

Amazon Echo

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Trailer to the film Her


Classic sequence from 2001: Space Odyssey – Hal