For the 2nd year in a row we spent time creating a selection of fun projects that identify and test out new technologies, experiment with different design styles, and re-imagine interaction and experience.
We brainstorm, identify fun things to try. Then we shape and mix in relevance. Then we put together self running teams to push the ideas to their fullest as good looking MVPs. Then we wrap all this into an promoted event including speakers from our team, giving insights into the future as well as speakers from respected starts up and technology incubators. The day is client friendly and caters for all, not just us who already trust creative technology. It’s there to inspire and evangelise to the masses.
Here’s this year

Roll up Roll up… It’s what you’ve all been waiting for!
The Digital Village Fete is returning to VCCP.

Please join us for another most curious of village affairs with a twist of digital eccentricity. This year it’s bigger and better than ever before.

For one day only be enlightened by our mystic guest speakers from near and far ready to talk us through the future.

Experience the unexperienceable. Make music without any instruments… Show your egg-cellence in our egg and spoon race. Stare in disbelief as you connect objects without connecting any wires. Get a headset on and leave the office virtually. Or just gesticulate, and be merry with our socially driven drinks. And much much more!

So don’t be shy, come join us for inspiration, fun, drinks and prizes all afternoon.



Splinal Trap – The VR Ride


Wish you weren’t at work? Wish you were somewhere else? Well, fear not. Pop on an Oculus Rift VR headset and journey around our parallel universe filled with twists, turns and twirls powered by pro video game technology, and 3D skills.

A ride so awe inspiringly awesome you’ll not want it to end.

Technology: Video Game tech (Unreal engine), Oculus Rift, 3D modelling, experiential, environment design, interactive 3D dev


Greencoat House Party


Keep the party going at VCCP Towers! Be the Party Hero. Turn up the noise, blow the speakers and annoy the neighbours! Hit the notes in time to the music by scratching the decks and pulling some shapes.

Technology: Projection mapping, gaming, audio manipulation, mixed media, conductive paint, physical digital


Flappy Jonny


Jonny’s in a flap again! Help him fly though the office in record time using nothing but the with the power of a good wrist action in this 8-bit fun adventure, connected to some cutting edge gesture controllers.


Technology: 8-bit aesthetics, “leap motion” gesture control, game control hacking


The Majeggal, Eggceptional, Obsteggle Egg & Spoon Race Eggstravaganzal


Behold! The ultimate eggsample of digital yolk based gyroscopic agility has finally hatched!

Don’t crack under the pressure as you naveggate your way through the ultimate egg and spoon race. Race against the clock and defeat eggstraordinary challenges to be crowned top egg. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll plead for us to stop repeating the same puns egg-gain and egg-gain. See you there!


Technology: Mobile development, motion and gyroscope control, experiential, eggs, a special retro prize




What’s better than having a well earned drink? Having a well earned drink with friends of course. Simply scan our drink themed posters from anywhere in the building, and order a customised cocktail for either yourself or a friend…there’s no need to wait, we’ll tell you when its ready, then meet at the Fete. Cheers!


Technology: Systems development, back-end tech, illustration, cocktail making, alcohol, our Prague team, sharing




Heading to the fete to shy away from work? Well don’t be too shy… Come and digitally whack some stubborn nuts. Coconuts, that is. Our classic fairground coconut shy, with a touchscreen twist is back by popular demand… full stocked with the relevant prizes for all you winners out there. Find us by the palm trees.

Technology: Dual screen gaming, web sockets, touch/gesture control, gaming, fair ground politics, Coconuts, palm trees


6 Seconds of Awesome

Ever wanted to make an amazing
stop-motion vine? Let Kin help you, with pre-made sets and professional software to turn around your own 6 second marvel.

Swing through
the social jungle with pride by making some vines using the pro equipment and techniques

Technology: Stop motion, Vineology, social, fun


Sonographic Soundmachine


Have you ever wondered what sound looks like? Bang, tap and squeeze objects and see how different sounds effect our Sonicgraphic Soundmachine in realtime.

If your brave enough share what you’ve done.

Have you ever wondered what sound looks like? No? Neither did we… until now thanks to some realtime audio manipulation.


Technology: Audio systems, physical-digital, 3D animation, real time visual manipulation, music, instruments

Bang on time


Complete our physical-digital challenge in the quickest time to win an exclusive surprise prize!

Enter our room of riddles and switches. Crack the clues and complete the circuit. You’ll be one step closer to that electronic qualification you always wanted in this Internet of Things race against time experience.

Technology: Clues, problem solving, experience design, electronics, physical digital


The Big Phat Phete Quiz of the year

Prove you’re the biggest brain of VCCP at the pub quiz of the future. Test your knowledge of all things digital and non-digital and you could win big.

Best your peers, to confirm you’re the cleverest of all Greencoat House by playing our innovative massively-multi-player dual screen quiz at the Finale of our Fete.


Technology: Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) gaming dev, Dual screening, web sockets, general knowledge, quiz master banter


Creative Director – Jonny G
Concepts and output  – whole digital team