Coors Light’s site was old, and dated not only from a design perspective but it didn’t bring out the best of the brand online, and it was a pretty one dimensionally site offer little more than a TVc archive and info about the beer. Nothing to keep an audience interested. Making what was there more responsive had been done 6 months previous but something wasn’t right and it was a little like forcing a round peg in a square hole.. The content wasn’t there and we had to keep the same site IA as before.

So luckily the day came when the bottle tops aligned and we had chance to re-imagine Coor’s online presents, starting from scratch with UX and IA and updated yet not totally brand new guidelines to work with. But most importantly a new content stretegy born from a desire to engage and extend the audience beyond lovers of everyone’s fav denim wearing 80s martial arts film star. Interviews, events and regular competitions and audience conversation where the ambition.

We worked together with the in house dev team to create something fresh and good looking across all screens and unique for Coor’s while still being on point for the creative limitations of the framework it had to live on.


Interactive Creative Director – Jonny G
Designer – Andy P
Producer- Jarmoir

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 20.12.39