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Business blogs don't need to be boring...

O2 Business wanted to show small to medium businesses how the ever increasing spectrum of technology could make their companies work better.
To do this, we needed to inspire, inform, and evangelise these benefits as well as demonstrate how O2 Business could enhance and support this further.

But this needed to be more than a blog of latest news and tips. Instead, a resource for best in class business solutions and advice created not only by experts and O2 Gurus, but also by industry specialists and thought-leaders. The result would bring O2 Business to the forefront in business innovation resources.

For this to work, O2 Business needed an online content platform unlike other business advice sites.


We identified users’ needs and desires, and developed a content strategy pinned around a core set of subjects from inspiration and technology help, to information about working smarter and marketing. This content needed to live in a site that practised what it preached, showcasing through its design and use of technology a better, more efficient way to browse and digest content. So we created a fully responsive multi-device optimised site packed full of features unlike the other resources available to this audience.
The O2 Business Blog is designed to cater for all manner of media types; from video interviews and event coverage, to articles full of imagery and tips, to product demos, all within one consistent editorial framework using minimal templates, modular based design making it super light, and super flexible.

The site uses some advanced techniques and features to make finding inspiration and information easier for the time stretched business people this is reaching out to. The platform is mobile optimised to encourage access from anywhere without compromising the content and also uses quick searching with article auto-identification functionality. We also created a reading list tool allowing users to add articles to a personalised library enabling them to read it later.

Monitoring this personal reading list and other browsing data allows us to build user recommendations rather than just giving users related articles based on the keywords within the article. The O2 Business Blog recommends relevant and related content based on what users have shown interest in.

In the long term, it creates a virtual profile to serve users well informed content recommendations, removing the need for searching for inspiration and in turn making a bespoke content hub. We take the need to find inspiration and advise about what business users are interested in out of the equation and just give them the articles we know they are interested in upfront. Saving time in browsing, and giving users content they will actually want to read when and wherever they are.

The IA

Hub IA

Click to open PDF of IA

The Designs

After the UX and during wireframe stage we spent a lot of time understanding how our module system could work and over the coming weeks spend time creating hi-fidelity clickable static design prototypes across mobile and desktop so we were 100% sure all functionality and our templates were correct.

Very rough Walkthrough of the final build


Within a week of being live this has already won the VCCP Bold Craft Award.



Platform concept – James S
Interactive Creative Direction – Jonny G
Web Dev Director – Kieran A
Site Design – Andy C / Simon B
Front end – Rich H
Back end – Dan S
Producer – Siobhan O’D