The TV campaign of the summer featured a rather cheeky garden gnome wearing just a mankini. This gnome is Gavin, a cool as a cucumber relaxed and laid back kind of guy. He is better off at Asda, and as a result spends all day on the pond chilling with a cocktail.
But all cocktails need ice – right?

What’s it all about

We created a responsive cross platform game for Asda, featuring their cheeky gnome Gavin. It’s simple… get as many ice cubes in his cocktail glass in 1 minute. The better you do, the more difficult it gets. Battling the troublesome windmills with careful calculated aim is essential in this highly addictive HTML 5 game.
The big thing we wanted to achieve was a game that used the same mechanic no matter whether you used a mobile, tablet, your desktop or maybe even within a banner. So a simple yet rich experience was need.


Interactive Direction – James S
Design Direction – Jonny G
Site Designer / Motion Designer – Simon B
Tech lead- Marti P


I had a dabble with 3D too, making the cocktail glass…