Classified MeerSpy Site

Compare the' best kept secret

This was for a limited time promotion of a limited Edition Compare the Market Meerket toy – Maiya, as a secret agent. So we wanted people to experience a meerkat themed spy world.

A campaign hub was created where users could firstly watch the TV advert setting the scene… then if a user wanted to find out more about the Maiya, they could read the back story by reading her top secret dossier. In here a careful and observant user would pick up the scarab beetle was in fact a secret button to reveal a hidden area of the site where you could unlock a message and draw entry mechanic from Maiya.
The key here was to make something easy to get into and also something that worked well on both handheld and desktop devices. We opted for a mechanic similar to an old school phone dial.
Worked closely with Nick F the designer, and Rich H the developer, and Jim C the Creative Director.

Bit more background

Original I was engaged to provide art direction and User experience ideas for a bigger idea involving code hunting, and code de-scrambling using something along the lines of a enigma machine – and it needed to work on Mobile and Desktop.

Initial art direction and user experience


Due to some client issues this was pulled back. They really liked the art direction I had already established but with a lack of assets and time we need to tie it closer in with the box artwork too.
The key now was to come with nice touches on the interaction and push the quirky espionage theme the client bought into in the digital landscape.
Now the idea was a follower of CTM on twitter or facebook could stumble across a mystery code – and a hint of where to try use it.

Original idea development