Push the button

The above shows one of the in-store sequences for o2 Refresh – which is a product from o2 that allows a customers to “refresh” their phone before their tariff is up.
The creatives came up with the idea of a refresh button – and on pressing the button you could reveal a phone – not that exciting. But that was the challenge!!!

I selected and worked closely with freelance animator Simone N and directed how we should bring this static visual to life – complementing the idea of transformation and re-generation in an organic yet mechanical way established by the print work.

refreshStatic 220_1

Online Takeovers

InStore Holograms

To completely understand the object we were working with – Before directing it I loosely experimented with various ways it could work. Looking at the object itself but also played with making forms behave unexpectedly given their material. This then informed the final sequence…