Institute of Happiness

Coke wants to show happiness is important...

Coca-Cola has this heart-warming idea around happiness leading to you being healthy. Not sure which came first but a lot of their advertising is about happiness too. So it is a genuine tie in of sorts. And in Spain Coca-cola have made a full blown Institute of Happiness about of this idea, and inform people about the science behind happiness…
This is the website for that.

Warning: this is a long page


It features research, data and reports from the team of phycologists, sociologists and other clever people who specialise in how, when and why people are happy. Thanks to their expertise, we can learn more about the basic ingredients that are part of the “recipe” for happiness in Spain – Food, Work, Family, Friends, Love etc …
It’s a lovely idea. And there isn’t any advertising for coco-cola anywhere to be seen.

My Involvement

The art direction, and initial page styles had been established in the concept stage by another agency.
What was left was Data Visualisation treatments, as well as page layout and content systems.

This was a lovely solid piece of web design for me to get some grids involved. And there was a large amount of data that had to inputted into this site via a CMS so the client needed a set of dynamic graphs that could cater for plenty of eventualities. So a lot fo research went into that – what types of graphs, colour systems, how to handle text etc – Eventually a set of graphs were created that where flexible and robust enough to handle whatever was thrown at it.

Below are some examples of the graphs used on the site now. Others where made too but just haven’t been used yet.