Got to work on a nice little site for Sky News recently. Working on all the design and animation. It was meant to be an unbranded site to help people decide who to vote for in the 2010 general election. It did this in a very tongue in cheek way via your facebook profile. Scanning your posts, comments and friends list. Pulling out keywords as it goes. Some words with real relevance, others a bit more funny.
As with any site that seems to involve integration with facebook, there is always some big question marks on the user journey and when, where and how facebook elements apear.
So help sell in the user journey after the “device” was signed off, I created a full designed walkthrough prototype in flash.. see video below

“The Device”

So the idea was to use some kind of lo-fi retro style machine built in someones shed.
So before we worked about a site, I need to design the device. This device would be the site, and the interface that a user would use. My inspiration was the film forbidden planet, retro science equipment and the first commercial PCs from the late 60s early 70s and gambling machines.

My Involvement

Art direction, Design, Interaction direction, Animation


Supporting activity – Video teaser
Not To Scale were commissioned to do a viral to help spread the word of this machine too. It looks great and features the unmistakable vocal talents of Brian Blessed on the voice over.