Audi A1 Big Idea Condensed

Audi & BBH needed the campaign for the New Audi A1 to work in the digital world. This ended up in the creation of an iPad Wired app interactive advert and a set of rich media banners.
First up the banners – With the help of Matt Collins’ actionscript skills we brought what was originally a print execution to life with animation and interactivity, cross a range of banner placements. To make it work most of the illustrations had to be re-drawn and optimised, then animated. We also worked with RTT, Audi’s 3D modelling and animation specialists in Germany. They provided an animation of the car that we used were possible. It’s use was file size and banner proportion dependent.

The main banners were a mix of expansions, pushdowns and superbanners in great placements across a range of high profile portals including Top Gear, the Guardian, the Telegraph, MSN, WhatCar? and Autoexpress – They all required bespoke compositions and animations.

My Involvement

Design, Animation, Interaction Direction, Actionscripting, Video Editing, Rich Media Banner Build/Development, iPad design.

Wired UK App – 1st Edition. Ad placement

And then I had the opportunity to work with Wired and make the Audi work I was doing work on the iPad in the newly launched Wired magazine app. The app is made using a new beta plugin for Adobe inDesign. I had to provide the animations and layouts in both landscape and portrait formats.

The system used is still in its youth and consequently quite buggy and limited so sadly we couldn’t get everything out of it that we wanted. But a very interesting experience to design for the iPad none the less.

Since then…

Following the success of this campaign; we were invited to create the digital executions of the next phase.
I proposed this mood reel to get across how we could bring the new creative to life while still remain consistent with previous visual and animation styles.

Which ended up being used in this