London Midland Motion

Making journeys more exciting than the destination

We worked with London Midland Trains, in collaboration with their on train technology provider Icomera and content partner Whoosh to create Motion – a free on-board entertainment platform which allows customers to access Movies and TV shows, books and games from provides including amazon Prime and Rakuten Kobo directly via their mobile devices, without the need to download an external app.

After a beta version and a launch campaign we had the opportunity to use customer insight gained from London Midland Labs and our own research to iterate the experience further and Improve the user experience even more.

Through 2 design sprints we addressed problems with onboarding, signing up, finding content, and how customer service information can play a part within the service too. So the next version featured better ways to provide a range of content to keep passengers informed and entertained.

We then revamped the design language of the platform, taking an atomic design approach so not only was the platform scalable but also the flexible enough to be rebranded to other rail networks within the GoAhead Group.

Within a year due to success of the London Midland initiative, the platform was rollout across 4 more of the rail providers lines.

At that point the free Motion, Wi-Fi and entertainment platform was available on 55 million passenger journeys.