Clever with Summer Weather

We wanted customers to get more summer for their summer in 2015.

In the most traditional of British customs, we talked about the weather with our potential customers to give them the information and inspiration to get the most out of the summer no matter what the weather was.

What better way to do this with nationwide coverage than to use programmatic online display and utilise geo-targeting, and weather forecasting… not just what the weather is now, but what the weather in your area will be in the next couple of days, over the next week etc so we can help give you the information to plan your summer.. and then give inspiration for that type of weather.


So we focused our summer activity around the fun occasions dictated by what key products needed to be hero’d but wrapped in weather scenarios to give more context and relevance. This was modulated so the banners could easily be occasion only based for single minded product pushes, or decided by the weather in a location. This was then extended further to not only push individual products but also push a range of products around an occasion allowing cross sell opportunities and great reach, allowing a customer to get everything for an occasion.

Challenges included a bright and fresh summer look and feel, creating a selection of fun, and inspiring occasions/scenarios and clever composition and set up around our bespoke range photography so that it could span multiple sizes without needed bespoke shots for each.

Look and Feel.



Example Range Constructs


We made sure there was a key cross section of hero products vertically and horizontally, to cater for different display ratios


Interactive Creative Director – Jonny G
Concepts  – Jonny G & Jon B
Design Lead / Art Direction – Jon B
Designer – Claire A
Tech lead – Marti P & Nate H
Project Director – Siobhan O
Photography oversight – Janetta