Six Nations sponsorship 2015

The one that got away

2015 was a big year for England rugby. England was hosting the Rugby World Cup, so expectations where high for England to perform well. We wanted this to be the start of a bigger campaign that would see O2 relationship with England build the the way up to the World Cup later in the year.

So best thing to do was start early and get the sponsorship of the England team enforced as soon as possible starting with the “warm up” tournament – the Six Nations.

The strategic idea was all about the power of support and getting behind the team by “wearing the rose” in whatever way you can. Wearing the shirt, painting your face, going to a match, whatever it may be and being proud to show that support.

The bigger idea would be the more support we can show the team the bigger they will become.

In digital we needed to create something that shows off this support, and gives people inspiration to show more support. If people truyly are getting behind the team we need to place to celebrate that. And give people the tools, encouragement and information to keep doing it.

From that a England-support based social aggregator powered tournament timeline hub was conceived.

The IA

The Design


Interactive Creative Director – Jonny G
Site Creative Concepts, Art Direction & IA – Jonny G
Designer – Andy C
Producer- Siobhan O’D
Tech lead – Kieran A
Campaign Creative – Jonny P & Chris B / Tom H & Christopher K (ATL work
Campaign Motion work – Adnan L (see example of what created –


At the last minute it was decided to move the development of this in-house due to some IT rules, and we ended up with something not quite the same due to time.

Don’t worry though…

The ambition for the idea lived on to make it for the World Cup later in the year, and it became the reality if was was supposed to be.

Here’s some more details on the whole campaign

The site concept was robust and scalable enough to evolve into the phase 2 of the campaign… more on this here.